Sponsorship Program


KPOP AIR Sponsorship Program is an exclusive opportunity for you that want to Try our Product for FREE and get a chance to be an Ambassador for our Global Ads that aired WORLDWIDE, you can be Famous!

We are receiving Sponsorship Requests from any Social Media Platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine and the others.


  • Must have a minimum 2k Followers on a Social Media Platform (Just Pick One)
  • Active Audience + Engagement with your Followers
  • Accounts must set to 'PUBLIC', not 'Private' or 'Locked'
  • Accounts that related with K-POP is a 'Plus Value'



We will give you a Special Discount Code that you can use to Promote our Shop. For EVERY 5 Sales associated with Your Code, you are able to get ANY item from Our Shop for FREE (the Shipping is also FREE)! You can KEEP the item and please give us a REVIEW with Photo, Post it on your Social Media if you Receive it. You will have a chance to be Famous, because we can Advertise you Globally if your Photo is Looks Nice & Well-Taken.

You can Promote our Shop in many ways such as Referring Your Code to Friends and Family or you can Post the Photos of our Products to Promote on your Social Media Platform, etc. Don't forget To Put your Discount Code Name while Promoting!


Please Sent us an Request Email with the Complete Data Following:

Subject: Sponsorship Request (Your Username)

  1. Name / Age / Country where you Live
  2. What Social Media Platform will you use to Promote us?
  3. Username or Link to your Social Media Platform
  4. Number of Followers (Please send us a Screenshot)
  5. Discount Code Name, that you will Promote (Example: CHANBAEK10)


All Requests must be sent to our Email: info.kpopair@gmail.com with "Sponsorship Request: (Your Username)" as the Subject. Due to the high amount of Daily Emails and Spams we get, Sponsorship Requests without that Subject mentioned above will be rejected. Please also Complete all the following information details on the list above.

After reviewing your Sponsorship Request Email, we will contact with you within a week only if we're Interested. Please be Patient :)

Thank You,

Sponsorship Manager